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Driving Training Course

       Special Drivers' Training Program to sensitize the drivers in whole Rajasthan in collaboration with the                 transport Department.

Driver Refreshment Course

       Drivers are given special refresher training by road safety and mechanical experts.

Volunteer Training Program

       Volunteers are trained by expert’s resources taken from the field of Traffic, Transport, Health and                         Education.

Driver Trainers’ Course

Employee Education Programme

If you think that you can train common people in Basic Life Support skills, please contact SDSL at with your bio-data.



SDSL regularly provides volunteer opportunities in many areas such as,

  1. Community Awareness

  2. Support

  3. Sponsorship

  4. Workshop Management

  5. Content Development

  6. Media Liaison

  7. Research & Communication

Safe Drive Save Life Sansthan is looking for serious volunteers who can associate in different programmes and projects. 

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