Pillar 01 : Road Safety Management

It is the major part for the government and concern authorities. Where SDSL time to time give its suggestions for the policy making for develop and lead the delivery of national road safety strategies, plans and targets, underpinned by the data collection and evidential research to assess countermeasure design and monitor implementation and effectiveness.

Karma 1 : Advocating to implement the major United Nations road safety related agreements and conventions.

Karma 2 : Advocating for national strategy (at a cabinet or ministerial level) coordinated by the lead agency through:

         • confirming long-term investment priorities;

         • Specifying agency responsibilities and accountability for development and implementation of core work              programmes

         • Identifying implementation projects;

         • Building partnership coalitions;

         • Promoting road safety management


Karma 3 : SDSL is advocating to set realistic and long-term targets for national activities based on the analysis of national traffic crash data through:

         • Identifying areas for performance improvements; and

         • Estimating potential performance gains.

Karma 4 : SDSL gives its support data systems for on-going monitoring and evaluation to include a number of process and outcome measures, including:

         • Supporting national and local systems to measure and monitor road traffic deaths, injuries and crashes;

         • Supporting national and local systems to measure and monitor intermediate outcomes, such as average              speed, helmet-wearing rates,seat-belt wearing rates, etc.;

         • SDSL do and supporting national and local systems to measure and monitor outputs of road safety                        interventions;

         • Supporting national and local systems to measure and monitor exposure to road traffic injuries.


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