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Pillar 02: Safer Roads and Mobility

SDSL, strongly doing advocacy to improve the roads and mobility and protective quality of roads protective quality of road networks for the benefit of all road users, especially the most vulnerable (e.g. pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists).


SDSL has done various activities to notice the related issues to the government and concern authorities.

Karma 1: Promote road safety ownership and accountability among road authorities and road engineers by:

  • Encouraging governments and road authorities to set a target to “eliminate high risk roads”;

  • Encouraging road authorities to commit for dedicated safer road infrastructure programmes;

  • Making road authorities legally responsible for improving road safety on their networks through cost-effective measures and for reporting annually on the safety situation, trends and remedial work undertaken;

  • Promoting the safe system approach and the role of self-explaining and forgiving road infrastructure;


Karma 2: Promote safe operation, maintenance and improvement of existing road infrastructure by requiring road authorities to:

  • Identify the number and location of deaths and injuries by road user type, and the key infrastructure factors;

  • Identify hazardous road locations or sections where excessive numbers or severity of crashes occur and take corrective measures accordingly;

  • Take a leadership role in relation to speed management


Karma 3: Advocating the development of safe new infrastructure that meets the mobility and access needs of all users by encouraging relevant authorities.

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