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Mohan Soni, born 1974 in Sri-Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India, is an Electronic Engineer.  He is also the General Secretary of Sri-Ganganagar District Road Safety foundation. He is the member of Sri-Ganganagar road safety traffic management committee. He is also the member of the group of media in Sri-Ganganagar.

He is a well known road safety activist and has filled so many Public Interest Litigation against various issues of Road Safety.

He is the key person behind SDSL own project ‘City Towards Zero’. By which the results are 37% reduction in road deaths in Sri-Ganganagar, the only city in the India which able to reduce the road accidents deaths continuously last four years.


Mr. Soni has received so many appreciations and awards for working in the field of road safety.


Originally from State of Rajasthan, India, Mr. Soni lives in Sri-Ganganagar with his family. Spare-time activities include cooking, playing, grouping, etc.

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