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Safe Drive and Celebrate Karwa Chauth

Road Safety Awareness Campaign
Safe Drive and Traffic Police on fake helmet Awareness Campaign

Traffic Police and Safe Drive Save Life NGO for Road Safety will run an awareness campaign together

Don't rely only on Karva Chauth. Two-wheeler drivers should wear ISI mark helmets. Safe Drive Save Life NGO for Road Safety and Traffic Police, Shri Ganga Nagar will jointly try to create awareness through various events under the Fake Helmet Free City campaign to save two-wheeler drivers from being victims of road accidents in the district.

Mohan Soni, secretary of SDSL, has written a letter to the District Collector and Superintendent of Police, demanding a ban on the production and sale of fake helmets in the district.

Mohan Soni said that the Central Government has issued a gazette on the demand of various organizations Under the Gazette Helmet Riders of Two Wheeler Motor Vehicle (Quality Control) Order 2020 issued on 26 November 2020, the production, sale, use of only IS 4151:2015 standard helmets has been made mandatory.

The Director-General of Police of the state has also issued orders to all the superintendents of police and directed them to take action against those who manufacture and sell fake helmets. Traffic in-charge Sushil Khatri said that two-wheeler drivers buy cheap helmets only because of the thought that police challans can be avoided.

But during a road accident, this cheap helmet breaks and hits the head, which can also lead to death. Motor Vehicle Drivers will be made aware by distributing banners and pamphlets at intersections and by giving detailed information about fake helmets and ISI helmets.

Mohan Soni and Traffic Police explained to the two-wheeler drivers that there is no harm from cheap helmets and told that the drivers there should not be afraid of challan but ISI standard helmets should be applied for their safety.

Safe Drive fake helmet awareness campaign
Campaign at Maharaja Gangasingh Chauk

Under the awareness campaign, it was also explained to the Motor Vehicle drivers there that some two-wheeler drivers buy helmets but while driving two-wheelers keep them either on the handle of the vehicle or hang in their hand. They were made that helmets are for safety; with this we can also reduce the accidents on the road.

Some drivers drive recklessly. Such as driving a two-wheeler at a high speed, drinking and driving, over-ride on a two-wheeler, stunting from a bike, driving in the wrong direction, etc.

Due to all this carelessness, one loses his life and also puts the lives of others in trouble. Traffic police and the secretary explained to them to follow the traffic rules and told them that this life is priceless. For this, the vehicle should be riding only by following the traffic rules.

Appreciating this awareness campaign, all the people present there took a pledge to follow the traffic rules properly and to install an ISI helmet.

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