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Raksha mitra 

  • When: 2011

  • Where: bikaner, Rajasthan

  • Why: To Promote/Motivate the bystanders

                  To help road accident victims

  • How: Yearly- Appreciated at city / district level by government authorities / Leaders by given awards & certificate

  • Result: People come toward to help so that they can recognize by the media, public, govt. etc.

  • Target Audience – Everyone who helped at road accident site.

VRSEP: - Village Road Safety Education Program 

  • When: 2012

  • Where: Rajasthan State Level
    Station- Sri Ganganagar, Bikaner, Alwar, Bhiwadi, Hanumangarh, Jaipur etc.

  • Why: To aware villagers about road safety to educate them because 75% of population lives in villages in India. So the ---------- education for road safety is very important

  • How: Yearly bases program, Long term Progam, Villages adopted by complete safety issues related road safety like education, awareness, road sites, design, black spot improvement etc.

  • Result: VSREP has given a great result to reduce the road accident where this program has implemented. Continuously the road crashes deaths has been reduced every year.It is playing a great role in our city towards zero, major project / program

  • Target Audience: villagers

School Road Safety Education Program

  • When: - 2010

  • Where: - Primary & High School include govt. and private. This program is also for college & Institutes

  • Why: -  In India future road safety is only possible by improvement in upcoming generation because they are the upcoming road users in different-different ways. Even they are present road users as pedestrians, cyclist etc.

  • How: - SDSL is working with schools since 2010 onwards. We have our own modules which covers various aspect of road safety education to improve the standards in school kids. We have the modules for various classes and their standards

  • Result: - till 2017 we have covered more than 1 lakh students of schools & collages in our various activities. Even we have involved their families so many activities

  • Target Audience: -

    • 4th - 6th standard students

    • 7th - 9th standard students

    • 10th – 12th standard students

    • College & institute students

Driver Orientation Program

  • When: - Since 2011

  • Where: -  Rajasthan Stare

  • Why: - This program is a advance level of orientation course designed by the technical team of SDSL with the help of driving school owners, fleet managers etc. this program update the drivers with the latest technology and make them refresh & energetic

  • How: - we serve 2 hours, 4 hours full day orientation program with our national level speakers and trainers. Some time we also interact the driver with the international experts for driver training. We have tie-ups with various driving schools, we have our own flexible modules which is updated time to time.

  • Result: - SDSL has oriented more than 10,000 drivers tile 2017 and have take the feedback that they have learned so many driving skills and happy so say that they are safe drivers now.

  • Target Audience: - Fleet Drivers, Bus drivers, coach drivers, auto drivers, taxi drives, etc.

Thumbs up for road safety campaign 

  • When: - 2018

  • Where: - going to launch in 50 cities of national & international level  

  • Why: - This campaign is launched because to interact the kids, school students, public to raise the self awareness about road safety. By showing the thumbs up, is a symbol to drive safe, follow traffic rules and return safe at home. Thumbs up gesture is done to whom who is follow the traffic rules. It is a happy sign

  • How: - SDSL reach to the schools institutes, public places, villages and tell the basic things about road safety, tell mases to wear helmet & seat belt. And show the thumbs-up gesture if some body follow traffic rules. Here we also have tri-color red-yellow-green to promote & aware the public about road light sign which is impressed at the thumb and make aware about to follow it.  

  • Result: - in it starting and launching we have got very impressive support and have hope to touch 50 cities very soon.

  • Target Audience: - students, public, villages, govt. dept., etc.

Reflector campaign 

  • When: - since 2011

  • Where: - Rajasthan state level

  • Why: - Retro reflective tape/ film is a very good safety product which reflect in the dark when the other vehicle head light appears on it. It gives reflection from 700ms which gives the sufficient time to analize the drivers to find the other vehicles or objects.

  • How: -  we free distribute the retro reflective tape to the tractor trollies, carts, bye-cycles, etc. this campaign runs 5-6 times in a year and we are running it since 2011

  • Result: - till date we have free distributed it to more than 70,000 tractor-trolleys, carts, bicycles etc. at the various cities of india

  • Target Audience: - carts, tractor-trolleys, carts, bicycles etc

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