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The importance of Road Safety in India

One of the biggest concerns regarding road safety in India is the lack of it. Drivers in India don’t respect the road safety laws because it has been very easy to manipulate those in charge of the law. By not respecting the laws for road safety, the consequences could be very catastrophic. Just like awareness regarding various epidemic diseases is given to the common public, information regarding road safety should also be provided because that’s what the need of the hour is.

Indian roads maybe filled with drivers who are reckless and irresponsible in their driving, but the Indian pedestrians are mainly old aged individuals and small school going children. Road safety in India should be granted the utmost importance because youngsters are indulging in habits like drunk driving or driving under influence of various drugs. Such actions can not only danger the lives of the people in the car, but also innocent people who are walking or driving on the same road. Young drivers usually think traffic rules are hokum because they’ve been noticing people who have been disobeying road safety in India and getting away with it. They believe it is easy to persuade the officials in charge by paying those bribes and getting out of the crime that they have committed.

Indiscipline regarding road safety rules are discredited almost everywhere in India because people have suffered grave injuries and even lost their dear relatives to road traffic accidents. Most of the times, the intense trauma of the accident can lead to psychological as well as physical ailments that people find very hard to get out from. Recently a campaign was conducted which informed people regarding observing lane discipline while driving and gave them small tips for safe driving. The key to drive with discipline is maintaining the speed limit, observe lane discipline and maintain a good distance with the cars in front of your car.

People who follow every traffic rule are few, but even in their presence; people who are reckless tend to overpower such drivers. The reason for this is the leniency of the consequences of breaking traffic laws in India. The only reason that people take these laws lightly is because the punishment isn’t severe enough or the entire criminal law system is ruled by politics and can be persuaded with bribes. Following the traffic rules will indicate a safe road for our elderly and young population who are not equipped to handle the rash traffic on our roads.

It is important to observe traffic laws in India due to the many pedestrians on the roads and the fact that most of India’s population prefers to walk or take the public transport services like buses or taxis. The entire mentality about traffic rules is very loose when it comes to India, but that should be kept in mind when imposing fines or punishments for breaking the law. As history indicates that people have suffered various ailments due to accidents on the road, the need for road safety rules is a must

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